"Brisson Cross"

The golden "Brisson Cross" combines Fr. Brisson's faith with his fondness
for constructing clocks. It was inspired by the following words of Louis Brisson:

Do you know why I make these clocks? Because they mirror what God has created. The more complete the clockwork, the more it resembles the creation of God. The movements of the earth and the stars determine and accompany our life. The clock continues to tick, until the hour has begun at which we leave this world and are taken up to God where there is no more time.

The “Astronomical Clock”, which Father Brisson’s naturally scientific talent and interest designed and built, still stands and works today in the Motherhouse of the Oblate Sisters of St. Francis de Sales in Troyes, France. Its sound resembles that of the beating of a heart. And in hearing that sound, it necessarily follows that each beat of my heart must beat in unison with the rhythm of God’s Heart. My pulse must become God’s pulse. That is what makes every prayer possible. My whole life must become a prayer. Thus, each and every movement of its perfect clockwork reminds me of God’s Creation.
This image in a Cross inspired by the clock-works can be our Meditation emblem for the prayers of this Novena: Everything in my life, yes, even to the least molecule, is inspired and contained in Jesus Christ. I live in Him, He lives in me. We’ll go along together right to the end, as Christ has promised: “I have come that they may have Life, and have it in abundance.” John 10: 10.

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